Ryan Rodden's rich snippets course

The Ultimate Structured Data Tune Up

Tired of trying to navigate

Yeah, I get it.

I did it for over two years and decided it was time to clear it up for people.

Many SEO professionals have been turned off by the lack of information, instruction, and best practice when it comes to and structured data.


As a powerful white-hat implementation, structured data should be encouraged, but Google has confused the issue on what works!

That ends now!


I decided to put together over 50 training videos on the semantic web with step-by-step and over-the-shoulder walkthroughs and examples.

We run through the most important aspects of structured data, especially the ones that will actually generate RICH SNIPPETS.

My name is Ryan Rodden and I stand behind this product. There is nothing else like it out there.


Got a pre-sales question? Lay it on me. Anything and everything you got.

I like workin’ with good people. Request a Skype call and if you convince me you have the drive,

I might give you a discount!

Here’s a preview video of the beginning of the course, and my teaching style:

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