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Google Updates Support For Event Rich Snippets

While Google has had rich results for events since 2010 they’ve rarely (at least in my experience) surfaced in search results, and even those appearances have been on the decline, despite (US) enhancements to events results launched in May 2017.

As per the call-out link, Google today announced a new way of representing events (again, right now only for the US) with these new features:

  • Key event information presented directly in the search results
  • Ability to select from multiple ticket vendors (if they exist)
  • Ability to generate personalized results (via a “For You” tab)
  • Ability to save an event
  • Ability to share an event

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of usage these revamped event listings see, and if/when they’ll be available outside of the United States.

structured data events in Google search events in Google search


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