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Google Launches Q&A Schema

google Q&APage exampleGoogle Reorganizes Question & Answer Pages

It’s not a surprise that when people have questions, the one who seems to always have the answer is Google. Usually, certain questions are found on websites that are created specifically for people like you, who are in need of answers. Such examples could be forums, help and support message boards, and popular social media websites.

However, Google has made some changes to aid you when you are looking for answers on specific matters, and here is how this can help you.

What Are Q&A Pages?

You may have encountered them at one point, so you probably have a general idea about what they are. These pages basically contain data in a question and answer format. Usually, it is one question that is then followed by one or more answers to it.

What Has Google Done?

Google has announced a change in what is the Q&A results. Basically, the way you would find results when searching for a question on Google would reveal results aligned normally. With this change made by Google, the structure data format will change when it comes to the Q&A pages.

For about a year or so, Google has been showing these snippets that revealed they were intending to create this carousel format for the result pages. The goal was to help Google with the question and answer formatted snippets carousel, where you could slide through answers to questions from Q&A pages.

In other words, a new type of result will show up when you look for your questions. If the search results are for eligible Q&A pages, there will be a preview of the top answers. As such, Google will have the ability to reach the right users for their content, allowing the users to get relevant answers to their questions.

How Will It Work?

First of all, in order to get access to this feature and be eligible, you need to add Q&A structured data to your Q&A page content. You will also have to use the Structured Data Testing Tool to see if your page is indeed eligible and to preview the search results appearance.

The Performance report will tell you which queries reveal the rich result for questions and answers in Search results, and how they modify as time goes by. Conversely, you have the option to check out the Search Console and see examples of aggregate makeup and stats error.

Sites that are properly marked are eligible for good results are displayed on the first page. This helps you find the right answer to any of your questions, and quickly. It is designed for all expert forums, social news sites, and help and support message boards.

Final Thoughts

When looking for answers to your questions, you want to find them as soon as possible. Luckily, Google has done something to allow you easier access to the websites providing answers. This new snippets carousel format will show you the answers and let you slide through them. If you make sure you are eligible for this format, you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits.

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